El Paso Weather: Below normal temperatures, possible snow flurries this weekend

El Paso News

Conditions for today will be cold and windy, however slightly warmer than yesterday. But even colder temperatures are on the way.

As the Pacific storm system and cold front that came in yesterday moves to our East, conditions today will warm up slightly. There also will not be as much cloud coverage throughout the day, so we will see more sunshine than yesterday.

As that system moves out of our area winds coming from the West will be breezy at 10-20 mph. This means that feels-like temperatures will feel colder by 5°-10° throughout the day.

Our next system will arrive Friday night into Saturday. This system will bring moisture and cold air, meaning there is a possibility for snow flurries on Saturday. Highs this weekend will be in the 40’s.

A second system will come in Sunday night into Monday. Although this system will bring in cold enough temperatures for snow, it wil not have as much moisture to kick off any snow or flurries. 

A third system arrives next Wednesday into Thursday. As of right now, models show that this system will have enough humid air and cold air to see even more flurries. 

High temperatures will be in the 40’s until next Thursday.

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