El Paso Weather: Above average tempreatures, breezy winds

El Paso News

Above average temperatures today for our official first day of winter, with those breezy winds picking up by the afternoon hours. 

As the dry air continues to move on through, we continue to see those warm temperatures rise. Our expected high for today reaching 68°, we should be in the mid 50’s by this time of year. 

Breezy winds are expected to pick up today by our noon hours. Winds will be coming in from the South West at 10-15 mph. 

That warming trend that we have been seeing this week is going to continue. My noon we expect to reach 60° here in El Paso and 67° by 3pm. 

Although we are dry as of now, we do see those ran chances make here way in for your Christmas day and expect to increase the following day. 

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