El Paso Water plans for an Advanced Water Purification Facility

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While the Borderland is facing a long term drought, El Paso Water is focusing on preparing the community by continuing to treat local waste water.

“We plan out into the future. We’re planning out 50 years into the future, so we’re looking at what we’re going to need in terms of population growth, we also look at changing climate conditions. We look at things like droughts that do impact us and we really look at El Paso as in we’re in a long term drought,” the Communications and Marketing Manager for El Paso Water Christina Montoya shared.

El Paso Water relies on more sources of water rather than just one. The Fred Harvey Reclamation Plant in Northeast El Paso treats 8 million gallons of waste water per day through four initial steps of filtration. Once the waste water is treated, it then gets treated for drinking water which are a few more steps of filtration and killing leftover bacteria and viruses. Some of the finished water also gets used for reclamation efforts, and not just potable drinking water.

“We’re not taking straight sewage, treating it and then putting it into the drinking water system. We’re taking water that’s already been treated to a high standard, and then treating it again before we introduce it to the drinking water system,” Montoya shared.

As the El Paso community continues to expand, El Paso Water is planning on building an Advanced Water Purification Facility, which uses advanced technology and creates a high level of filtration to put in the distribution system. All with the goal of helping our community and others around the world move forward with their drinking water sources.

“There really is no new water. What we’re doing is really no different than what we’ve been doing for decades. So we hope that El Pasoans will embrace that and help us, help other communities move forward,” Montoya shared.

El Paso Water is working with the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to build the Advanced Water Purification Facility. The design for the plant will take a couple of years until a bid for construction.

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