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EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Since the Walmart shooting on Saturday, El Pasoans have had to find their own ways to cope with what happened.

That’s when 16-year-old Genesis De La Cruz turned to writing.

“This basically started out as a poem and if I’m being completely honest, I guess a letter you could say or just random words being spread out on a paper,” she told KTSM.

That poem turned into something with a little more rhythm and soon enough, Genesis realized she had a hip hop song on her hands.

“It was pretty late at night when I heard a recap about and I was like, ‘oh maybe I can write a poem about it and see if that can release some of the stress that I’ve had over it.’ As I was writing it, I realized that some of the words were rhyming. Some of these are going together, its making sense.”

Genesis feels the best way El Paso can move forward into the healing process is to protect each other and let others know they’re not going to break us down.

“We’re going to come back together and come back even stronger,” she said.

El Paso Mental Health shared different coping mechanisms to deal with the effects of El Paso’s mass shooting. One of those was to “Process,” meaning you should talk about it, journal, draw or blog about your emotions surrounding the trauma of the event.

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