El Paso Streetcars ready for the public to board

El Paso News
Commuters will be able to officially board the El Paso streetcars for the first time!
In 2011, fake ads of a streetcar system posted throughout the city started a conversation that would eventually lead to the reality of Friday’s inauguration of streetcars carrying riders through El Paso roads.
El Paso City Representative Peter Svarzbein was behind the fake ads while he was in graduate school.He envisioned the cars traveling between El Paso and Juarez as they once used to in the 1950’s and 70’s.
Today the El Paso streetcars with the original shells offer modern amenities like wi-fi.
Svarzbein said streetcar routes in other cities are surrounded by businesses. 
In El Paso, hotels and restaurants are also popping up but he said it’s what’s already in the city that the streetcars will highlight.
“We have beautiful heritage and history in Segundo Barrio. The street car goes right through it. There are opportunities for mural tours. Tours of the Mexican revolution throughout Segundo Barrio. Its really a great opportunity for us to invest in ourselves to protect and celebrate our history as well,” he said.

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