El Paso Streetcar rides are no longer free. Here is how much they cost.

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From now on, you’re going to have to use your wallet if you want to ride the El Paso Downtown Streetcars

That’s right, now all Streetcar rides require a fare.

The Streetcars opened on Nov. 9 and ever since there was no fare required during the weekends.

But as of Jan. 6 the fares will match those of Sun Metro every day of the week. 

The original Streetcars ran in Downtown El Paso until 1974 and the ones you see on the streets today are the originals that have been remodeled.

Rides will cost $1.50 for one ticket or a daily pass for $3.50 and children 6 to 18 are $1.

Even though these fairs match those of the Sun Metro buses, we spoke to one women who said the fairs are a good deal and taking away the free rides shouldn’t be an issue. 

“I don’t think so because I think it’s the same price as the regular Sun Metro so as long as people know the times and the routes I think they will (be OK),” said Melissa Chavez. 

The difference between the Streetcars and the bus routes is the Streetcar is limited to only the downtown area.

The Streetcar has two routes. It travels a 4.8-mile route in two loops through Downtown El Paso. The first loop, called the Figure Eight Loop, and the Downtown Loop.

In total it makes 27 stops, including the Chihuahuas ballpark, the Convention Center and several businesses and resturants in the area.

If you haven’t ridden them yet just check the fairs before you go. 

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