Construction work for El Paso’s streetcar began less than a year ago, and so far officials say the project is on schedule and on budget.

The Camino Real Regional Mobility Authority is the organization overseeing the streetcar’s construction. CRRMA’s Executive Director, Raymond Telles tells NewsChannel 9 approximately $32-million has been spent on the project.

The bulk of the funds, $97-million, is coming from TxDOT.

Telles says there’s been six change orders; five on the infrastructure side and one on the vehicles. According to Telles, the changes total up to $2-million.

“Each of those change orders were contemplated and budget was set aside for in advance. We’re not over budget, we’re well within budget. In fact, we still have plenty of contingency funds available,” he adds.

The six vehicles that were sent to Pennsylvania in November are still in the remanufacturing phase, says Telles.

“The project will be open to the public — meaning you can pay your fare, hop onboard by late 2018. Now here’s the trick, with a project like this, with rail projects in particular —  there’s a lot of federal oversight to make sure that they’re safe and really a lot of testing,” said Telles.  

He says the 4.8 miles of track will be done by the middle of the year 2018, but the test runs will last several months. 

The next big closure will take place on Kansas street next week. The area in front of Hotel Indigo will be down to one lane.

For a list of upcoming closures and detours, click here.