El Paso robotics company getting ready to introduce delivery by drone to the Sun City

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A local robotics company is getting ready to show off its latest model for a new service it’s hoping will become a popular method for delivery.

Delivery by drone is the latest technology local El Paso company, Sentinel Delivery, is hoping will expand in the Borderland and beyond.

“We we’ve, we’ve dedicated a lot of time, probably 14 hours a day for the last six months, so a long, long process,” said CEO of Sentinel Delivery Charlie Quijas.

Sentinel Delivery is an El Paso robotics company that designs and manufactures drones that will be used for autonomous delivery.

“It’s pretty much going to be the same thing as using your Uber Eats app, we’re gonna have an app for ourselves, that you can go ahead and order whatever you’d like off of the application and then from there you can you know get your delivery delivered by drone,” said VP of Sentinel Delivery Jordan Barron.

The El Paso owners said the technology helps the drones improve service over time.

“Our software is AI based with some machine learning, and some deep learning along with it,” said Quijas.

Many of the people who helped create the software and drones for this project are from El Paso and Juarez and they plan to keep it that way.

“We plan on having manufacturing or it’s going to be an assembly plant in Juarez really, and here we’re going to we’re going to try to have as many engineers come out of this region to help us maintain the drones, update them, fix them you know whatever needs to be done,” said Barron.

Sentinel Delivery expects the drones to start flying within the next year or so.

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