UPDATE: El Paso’s grade has updated to a “C” on Monday, according to the Unacast website.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — If El Paso were taking a class in social distancing and practicing the City and County’s ‘Stay at Home’ orders, we’d be failing.

Data provided by Unacast.com using cellular GPS data indicates El Pasoans are remaining very mobile and continue gathering in large groups. In fact, El Paso County residents have decreased activity by just 4 percent according to the data provided by Unacast.

Unacast compared current location data to data collected during typical pre-pandemic movements and noted changes in total distance traveled, time spent around the house, and activity clusters.

The ‘F’ rating for El Paso is among the worst in the nation and accounts for less than a 10-percent change in activities. Doña Ana County was also given an ‘F’ for change in average distance traveled although the state of New Mexico (‘F’) as a whole is doing worse as a state at following social distancing guidelines than the state of Texas (‘D’)

Each location is assigned a letter grade ranging from A to F. An ‘A’ means there has been more than 40-percent decrease in social behavior, ‘B’ is a 30 to 40 percent decrease, ‘C’ is a 20-30 percent decrease, ‘D’ is a 10 to 20 percent decrease and an ‘F,’ which is El Paso’s rating, citing only a 4-percent decrease in activity. Doña Ana County residents have decreased activity by 10-percent according to the data.

Visit Unacast’s website to view the interactive map and see how other counties are doing in comparison.