You might have noticed plenty of sneezing and coughing around you. 

Historically high numbers of flu cases are being reported around the Borderland. 

At the end of 2018 in December, 660 confirmed cases of influenza were identified in El Paso, according to the city.

Local doctors advise the community it isn’t too late to get vaccinated for the virus, however the Borderland is far behind.

“To achieve a good protection from the vaccination, we have to reach 70 percent of people to get the vaccine. We barely touched 30-35 percent so it’s not good,” Del Sol E.R. Doctor Leonardo Loaiza tells KTSM. 

Results from the Clover Health Shot Monitor show only 67% of seniors are vaccinated so far this season. Dr. Loaiza told KTSM getting the flu shot does not guarantee immunity, “…Studying what type of viruses occurred last season and make the vaccine out of those and hope that this year will be the exact same viruses, but it never happens. The virus changes.”

Some of the most recommended flu tips include covering your coughs, wiping down surfaces, and washing your hands. 

A common misunderstanding the community might not be familiar with: antibiotics do not work when it comes to the flu.

“If you do that and you might be starting an infection, you’re kind of hiding that infection with that antibiotic. The flu doesn’t get better with antibiotics at all,” Dr. Loaiza told KTSM.

If one does catch the flu, doctors recommend to stay at home and keep an eye out for shortness of breath as it can turn the virus life threatening.