El Paso Police shoot pit bull that jumped into yard, attacked dog

El Paso News

An El Paso Police Department officer shot a dog Thursday morning in the Lower Valley.

Police said they responded to a 7:40 a.m. call that two pit bulls had jumped into a neighbors yard and attacked their dog, a German Shepherd named “Travieso”.

When police arrived, they too were allegedly attacked by the pit bulls, an alert from the police department said. One of the officers fired his gun and hit one of the dogs. 

No one else was injured and police did not release additional details.

El Paso Animal Services responded to the scene and both dogs were taken into custody. The owner requested euthanasia, officials tell KTSM.

“They were eating breakfast when when they heard barking and their dog crying,” Diana Casteneda, the sister of Travieso’s owner, explained.  “When they looked, they had the dog, they were attacking him…two black pit bulls.”

Casteneda says Travieso sustained injuries to his ears and snout, and will spend the night at the vet.

According to El Paso Animal Services, the pit bulls’ owner was cited for “Failure to Confine”, a Class C violation punishable of up to $2,000.

El Paso Animal Services says city ordinance requires dogs to be confined to owners’ properties, or under physical control while off the property.

In light of the incident, residents are urged to follow these tips to keep their pets safe:

  • Be vigilant and aware of your surroundings when it comes to animals in your neighborhood.
  • If you are witness to a dog on dog attack, call for help. We do not recommend physically breaking up the attack yourself since it could lead to serious injury or death.
  • One way to protect yourself and your pets is to carry a deterrent like a compressed air can which can shift their attention away from the attack. Umbrellas are also a good tool to shield yourself from an aggressive animal.

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