El Paso Police dump materials into law firm’s dumpster

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El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — Questions are now being raised on how documents are being disposed by the El Paso Police Department after one incident is caught on camera.

Surveillance footage shows what appears to be documents and packaging thrown into a dumpster belonging to local law firm of Wyatt and Underwood.

“They’re throwing stuff in the trash so I run over there and I get my cellphone,” criminal defense attorney, Dereck Wyatt said.

KTSM obtained surveillance and cellphone video captured by Wyatt.

Video shows a group first rolling a large crate of what appears to be papers and boxes on the valley.

A man with a gun is seen with the group. Once Wyatt approaches them, the crown leaves.

The majority entered the vehicle and drove away. The man with the gun walked the opposite direction and entered into a building owned by the City of El Paso.

Wyatt told KTSM the material appeared to have sensitive information, “it appears to contain some sensitive information. Talking about different things and police equipment, grants that they have and references to juvenile situations. I’m sure that’s not the type of information that the El Paso Police Department wants to be putting in the garbage bin.”

KTSM received this statement from the El Paso Police Department:

“We are currently looking into this matter. The department’s Internal Affairs is conducting an administrative investigation while the Homeland Security Special Investigations Unit is conducting a separate criminal investigation. The items in question were collapsed boxes that were improperly disposed but did not contain any documents.”

“They came over with a pallet and they dumped stuff in the dumpster. Then they came back with a vehicle that was already loaded. If they weren’t going to dump it in there, they were gonna dump it somewhere else which means this was very premeditated. I bet they’ve done this before,” Wyatt said.

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