After surviving a hit and run, a GoFundMe account has been started for a 1-year old puppy named Allister. 

The Black Mouth Cur was struck by a car speeding through a residential neighborhood in East El Paso over the weekend and will need surgery in order to fix his two broken legs.

Since its creation on Monday, the GoFundMe has received 16 donations, totaling $515 of its current $3,000 goal. Allister’s owner, Isaiah Cortez told KTSM he is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support he has received from the community over the past two days.

“People as far back as a middle school have reached out and donated,” he said.

Cortez said he witnessed the car hit his puppy, Allister, and then flee the scene. He said he was unable to read the license plate numbers before the car sped off. 

Cortez said the puppy was howling and his legs appeared to be dangling. The dog was rushed to the emergency room where he was then stabilized.

Doctors confirmed that both his front legs were shattered on impact and likely injured further when the dog attempted to hobble away from the scene of the accident. 

He added if he is unable to raise enough money for a surgery that Allister will need in order to walk again, he may have to surrender the dog.