EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) State lawmaker from El Paso, Joe Moody, responded to the released video of the Uvalde school shooting police response on Twitter Wednesday.

As KTSM previously reported, the video shows the shooter walking the hallways and the moment when the shooter first enters a classroom and opens fire. According to the time stamp on the school’s video, lawn enforcement arrived three minutes after the gunman. The officers approach the classroom but take fire and retreat.

Rep. Joe Moody, the only Democrat on the Texas House Committee designated to investigate the Uvalde shooting at Robb Elementary School, Tweeted out his response to the reaction of the leaked video.

Rep. Moody on Twitter went on to say he didn’t plan to speak publicly until the report was released.

“I couldn’t say nothing seeing this man, who’s lost everything, maligned as if he was indifferent or actively malicious. Context matters,” Moody said on Twitter.

KTSM reached out to Rep. Moody for comment, however, he said he would wait to speak until after the families could see the video and the report would be released.

A local retired El Paso County Sheriff’s deputy spoke with KTSM about the video and police response. Jesse Tovar has over 20 years of law enforcement experience, including 13 years of tactical experience with SWAT.

“You got to get in there, get in there and neutralize that threat and you’re going to risk your life and that is the oath you took to risk your life and put your life on the line and that’s why it irks to watch because the time delay you’re just like, come on, go get in there, come on, so you just don’t know why decisions were made in that point in time,” Tovar said.