The El Paso International Airport is experiencing flight delays and cancellations as of Thursday morning. 

Thursday is one of the busiest travel days after the holiday. 

The EPIA website lists many of the delays and cancellations to and from Dallas and Austin. 

Both areas are experiencing severe thunder storms. 

If you are traveling, you can check your flight status at EPIA’s website, here.

Delayed and canceled flights came out of American Airlines, Southwest and United Airlines. 

United Airlines gave us their official statement on the issue:

We are continuing to monitor the weather, and we encourage passengers to check or the mobile app for the latest news on weather-related delays and cancellations and for our current waiver policy.

Southwest Airlines said cancelations and delays over the past 24 hours were related to weather issues as well and American Airlines said weather caused on-and-off cancelations out of Dallas-Fort Worth International for nine hours. 

American Airlines said operations are returning back to normal, however many travelers were stranded at EPIA.

“I missed Christmas because of this so it’s like I’m never getting home now this is like oh my God so frustrating,” stranded traveler Vakeitha Wilkins said.

Wilkins said she is a soldier coming off a year-long deployment who is frustrated and desperately trying to get home. 

For other travelers, connecting flights were disrupted and affected people’s daily life responsibilities. 

“I was supposed to be working today so I had to call and cancel work, so I had somebody watching my pets and I had to see if they could stay, definitely some negotiating of things to try to make life happen,” Sarah Baumgartner said.