El Paso Fire Marshal evacuates, closes Downtown Fallas Paredes building

El Paso News
fire department_1490062940973.png

The Fallas Paredes building in Downtown El Paso has been shut down by El Paso Fire Marshal, a city news release said.

The building, located at 301 E. San Antonio Ave., had evidence of a recent fire and there was an odor consistent with an electrical fire, the Marshal determined.

This was discovered during the a scheduled compliance check. 

“The Fire Marshal deemed that the extent of the unsafe conditions of the building, as defined in the 2015 International Fire Code, present an imminent danger to the occupants of the building,” the news release said. “Imminent danger is defined as ‘a condition which would cause serious or life-threatening injury or death at any time’ in the 2015 International Property Maintenance Code (IPMC), as adopted by the City of El Paso.”

The building was evacuated and closed, however, the retail store was the only tenant in the building. 

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