EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The El Paso Fire Department welcomed their brand new units joining the fleet around the Borderland Saturday.

The department hosted different “wet down” ceremonies around El Paso. It’s a tradition fire departments around the country take part in when they welcome new fire trucks by spraying down, hand drying, and pushing the new units into the station.

The assistant fire chief says the event is a good way for the community to see the units with full transparency.

“Everybody gets to see it, they get to see where their taxpayer dollars are going, the kids get to have fun,” said Terry Kebschull, Assistant Fire Chief. “We also bring in our fire prevention division to talk about fire safety, smoke detectors, and everything. Again, it’s about safety and showing the community what they’ve invested in.”

The newest units are replacing Pumper 7, Pumper 9, Rescue 18, and Rescue 23.