It’s a job most of us don’t really get to see, but is extremely crucial for our travel safety in the air. Now those employees are making sure their voices are being heard. 
“This government shutdown does affect federal employees first. But because aviation is a global industry, it really will affect the American people in every aspect of their life,” Local Air Traffic Control Specialist in El Paso Cesar Cordero told KTSM.
Federal employees including Air Traffic Controllers here in the Borderland shared how the government shutdown not only affects them, but how it can affect you too.
“We’re diligently working during this crisis to ensure that every flight gets to its destination safely and to the best of our ability on time. In the coming weeks, as the government shutdown is prolonged, you can expect possible delays when safety is in the forefront of our minds, we have to litigate risk. Sometimes that means we can’t handle the amount of traffic density at our airport, then we have to slow things down,” Cordero shared.
Employees with the National Air Traffic Controllers Associate like Cordero, are in Washington D.C. and spoke leaders in Congress including Texas Representatives about the impacts they’re facing. According to Cordero, the labor union is experiencing a 30 year staffing low with only 11,000 employees across the country.
“The President and members of Congress need to come together. They need to end this shutdown. They need to find common ground for the benefit of all American people. It’s not just about a wall, or not about one single subject. It’s about all of us, how are lives are affected, and how it’s their job to come together and pass legislation that makes our lives work. It’s so crucial,” Cordero shared.
Cordero added that the response has been overwhelming with leaders agreeing to end the shutdown. However he shared NATCA wont ever compromise safety for anyone despite the circumstances.
“Members of my labor union, we work really hard to come out on our time. Our own furloughed time, to make sure that they know this. Just like the people of El Paso expect the safest skies above the Borderland, we expect that all across this nation,” Cordero explained.
A government employees rally to Congress is expected to take place tomorrow in Washington D.C.