El Paso family evicted from home amid pandemic as eviction bans are lifted

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Disclaimer: A Facebook Fundraiser has been created by neighbors to help the family you can find that link at the bottom of the article.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM)– An El Paso family tells KTSM they were evicted on Monday from their apartment at Jacob’s Crossing apartment complex amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marcelina Hidalgo, the tenant, said her children have special needs, including a son with Autism.

Hidalgo said she has been unable to pay her rent since March due to complications amid the pandemic.

As KTSM reported, the final day for landlords to apply for the El Paso Rent Help program is Tuesday, June 28.

Hidalgo said a Constable knocked on her door Monday morning and told her she needed to leave her home.

“They came, they took all my stuff put it in this pile, and I don’t have anywhere to go to but I’m looking for a place to find to put my stuff in there but they weren’t suppose to do that,” Hidalgo said.

Monday afternoon, Hidalgo and her kids sat outside in the heat watching their belongings which were bagged up and on the sidewalk. People driving by had thought their items were for sale, and Hidalgo had to tell them no, it was her family’s possessions they had nowhere to go with.

Hidalgo said her lease was set to end August 31, 2020. She said she was trying to make payments but needed more time.

“I told them just give me a chance until the 31 and then I’ll make arrangements to pay them and no and they came and just put everything like–and right now im trying to get my stuff somewhere else and it’s hard,” Hidalgo said.

She said she’s been back and forth in court with Empire Properties, the property managers of Jacob’s Crossing apartments.

Hidalgo said her brother died from COVID-19 on May 23. She said she would try to pay her rent after receiving his social security.

“I’ll come and pay the $1000 little by little until I get the death certificate but they can’t right now, the court is hard for us, we can’t go in and can’t go out, it has to be online and it hasn’t come in yet,” Hidalgo said.

She said she is disabled and her two children have special needs.

“I’m disabled and my children are disabled, I have a child, he has autism and her, (her daughter) she has seizures, and I was in a tragedy on November 3, 2017,” Hidalgo said.

As KTSM reported in 2017, Hidalgo was involved in an incident where a man was shot by two police officers during a domestic disturbance call according to El Paso police.

EPPD said officers responded to a domestic disturbance call where police found Hidalgo’s husband, Jorge Hidalgo, 43, holding a machete while standing next to his wife in a home located at 3820 Mountain. Officers shot him after he ignored their verbal commands and he later died in the hospital.

Now, Hidalgo said she’s struggled with finances especially during the pandemic.

Empire Properties said they “have no comment” to provide at this time.

The City of El Paso sent a statement to KTSM saying:

The City of El Paso has executed contracts for both rental assistance and rapid rehousing programs.  Evictions occurring in El Paso are under the jurisdiction of the federal government, the state and subsequently the county justice of the peace, not the City of El Paso.  Evictions for non-federally backed properties are legally taking place right now. 

As neighbors noticed Hidalgo sitting out on the sidewalk with her belongings, many came to her aid with water, shelter and donations.

“I’m a strong woman like I said and my kids are strong and we’re a strong family,” Hidalgo said.

Neighbors created a Facebook Fundraiser to help the Hidalgo family you can find that HERE.

For renter’s assistance CLICK HERE or HERE for resources.

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