El Paso faith leaders gather at U.S.-Mexico border for prayer

El Paso News

Friday morning Bishop Mark Seitz and other faith leaders from across the country gathered at the Anapra Border Fence in Sunland Park, New Mexico, calling for justice for all immigrants and their families. 

People gathered on both sides of the fence and joined together in prayer and song.

Organizers say they’re sending a message of solidarity and are calling for the justice of immigrants and families who have been separated at our southern border. 

Bishop Mark Seitz says many of the people who have never visited the Borderland before were moved by the reality of what separates our borders.  

“This fence speaks for itself. It’s really a scar upon our land, it speak to us on the fact that we have not found healthy ways to deal with this question of immigration,” says Bishop Seitz. 

Reverend Dr. Damaris Whittaker from New York tells KTSM she made the trip because it’s time for action.

“It’s very impactful to see how we have decided to divide our country and then claim at the same time that we are proponents of moral laws and human rights”

Friday’s prayer comes after Thursday’s announcement from the Trump Administration that would allow for immigrant children to be held in detention with their families indefinitely while their asylum cases play out in court. This would up-end the Flores Settlement that said children can’t be held in detention longer than 20 days. DHS officials say this ruling is necessary to enforce immigration laws. 

The new rule doesn’t take effect just yet. The proposal is set to be published on Friday which then kicks off a 60 day window for public comment. After the 60 days the administration can move their next move. 

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