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Electricity is a must for everyone across the Borderland. However, scammers are trying to take advantage of that need by using several tactics to steal your money. 

According to El Paso Electric, the most common scam is a phone call of someone impersonating an El Paso Electric employee. They try to convince you that you’re late for your payment, requesting you send money. El Paso Electric has some tips on how you can avoid falling for their tricks.

1. Type of payment requested if you are asked to pay by gift cards, wire transfers or any other type of prepayment cards.

2. If you are asked to give personal information, that is not a typical procedure for El Paso Electric to ask you, even if you are late on a payment.

3.Also last but least is politeness, El Paso Electric employees pride themselves on being polite. If someone is rude to you posing as a company employee that is a major red flag. 

“If you feel that this is the first time that you have ever been delinquent for your payments if this is the first time your hearing the level of personal information that they are asking and then they want types of payments that would be a normal way to pay your electric bill then its time to hang up,” said Eddie Gutierrez a spokesman for El Paso Electric. 

El Paso Electric said if you are in fact late for a payment you will receive a written notice in the mail first. If you haven’t received one, and are receiving these phone calls, call them and ask if you have any late fees. 

If you do find yourself in this situation El Paso Electric says these are the first steps you should take.

1. Hang up the phone, if you think the person on the other end of the call is posing as an El Paso Electric employee.

2. Call El Paso Electric to verify your account.

3. Report the incident so they can help to try and prevent this from happening to more people in the future. 

“It has varied our sister utilities have had similar issues with impersonating their employees the same thing has happened to us through the years with people impersonating on the phone and in person it really has so if anything you pick from this one conversation is to be vigilant and don’t pay on the phone,” Gutierrez said.  

These are the numbers you can call.

El Paso: 915-543-5970

New Mexico: New Mexico: 575-526-5555

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