El Paso County Elections to get new voting machines

El Paso News

The El Paso County Commissioners signed off on spending $6.3 million to purchase new machines and software from a company called Electionware.

The County Elections Department says the current machines are about 15 years old.

The new machines will produce paper ballots, something the department says is a trend around the country with many voters recently becoming leery of computers.

“You’re able to view your paper ballot before casting it so there’s no more tabulating right there on the system,” said Lisa Wise, the El Paso Elections Administrator. “If you catch something that’s incorrect or maybe you wanna change it, maybe you didn’t hit the right button, you’re able to do that.”

The county is anticipating to buy about 1,100 new machines. Most of the money for the new equipment will come from the 2012 bond election.

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