El Paso City Council disagrees on paid leave for parents

El Paso News

A proposal meant to offer paid leave for new parents across El Paso caused discussions to heat up Tuesday at the first El Paso City Council meeting of 2019.

The idea was introduced at the meeting by city Reps. Alexsandra Annello and Cassandra Hernandez. 

They’re called for a resolution, and eventual ordinance, that would allow people with full-time jobs to receive parental leave when a baby is born.

Mayor Dee Margo says he doesn’t support the idea, saying it’ll put a burden on local businesses.

Rep. Annello disagreed with his stance.

“It was really upsetting that the mayor would openly veto something without hearing the concerns from mothers, fathers and families,” she said. “It was poorly received just on the basis of helping families.”

The next step will be for council to put the proposal up for public input. A date has not been selected. 

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