EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Local businesses in the borderland are reminding the community that they can also be a destination for holiday shopping.

KTSM 9 News reporter Tawny Davis spoke to a couple of local businesses as they encourage the community to shop local.

With the busiest shopping time of the year taking place this weekend, most shoppers are known to head over to larger department stores. However, local businesses are reminding El Pasoans to include them for the holidays, specifically on Small Business Saturday. Local business Chuco Relic emphasizes the importance of local shopping and how it supports not only the business but local artists as well.

“Also, just to support local artists and all the local especially in our store we have local artists that have stuff in it, so we have like artwork stickers of course t shirts jewelry and other items from artists in the local area create so it supports artists and the community.” said Andrew Candelaria, Area Manager for Chuco Relic

Another local business, Global Coffee also acknowledges the importance of shopping local, but focuses on the quality of the product and service, which will bring back customers.

“To me that has always been a big role because we do really care about what we do, and I think customers obviously know that and they know that every single time that they walk in they’re not just going to get a really good cup of coffee but they’re also going to get an amazing service.” said Erika Knoch, Global Coffe Shop owner

While larger department stores focus on large amounts of people and focus on catering larger amounts of crowds, local stores are able to focus on their customers individually. Both Chuco Relic and Global Coffee know that their customers are the main reasons they get to continue their journey and open their doors.

“If it wasn’t for them, we would like I said we wouldn’t be here and for that I’m very thankful and just get out there whether it’s coming to global coffee or another local coffee shop or another local restaurant just go out there and support local and continue to support local.” said Knoch.