El Paso boy with makeshift basketball hoop made from plywood is surprised with new court

El Paso News
Courtesy: AT&T

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – AT&T workers get an El Paso boy a free basketball court after they saw him using a makeshift basketball hoop he built himself.

In his family’s yard, the little boy played basketball by using a piece of plywood and a plastic bucket for the hoop. The court he played on was just dirt.

“He reminded me a lot of when I used to be a kid. It kind of shock me because I did the same thing when I was little. I built my own basketball court,” said Robert Vargas, an AT&T Premises Technician.

Nicholas Farmer, an AT&T Area Manager Network Services, said he had told the technicians to let them know if they saw any opportunities for community engagement and thought this was the perfect opportunity.

The technicians decided to do something to help the boy get a basketball court he deserved. AT&T said they bought the boy a real goal and ball, and poured a slab of concrete so he could have a nice surface to play on.

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