EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — As families across the Borderland decide whether to gather this Thanksgiving, Texas Senator Ted Cruz shared a picture on social media that some say is insensitive to El Paso’s COVID-19 situation.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a photo on Saturday night showing a turkey on a platter with a star above it and the words “Come and Take It.” The post got mixed reactions on social media from El Pasoans. The star and the words “Come and Take It,” is a clear nod to the famous “Come and Take It” flag representing defiance during the Texas revolution.

El Paso Artist Patrick Gabaldon responded with his own drawing showing a body being pushed on a cart by a person in full PPE. The drawing also has a star — but with a mountain, representing El Paso and the words “Come and See It.”

“Maybe if people see the devastation, maybe they’ll acknowledge it, and so you know when I see the come and take it with the turkey, I thought well you should come and see it,” said Gabaldon. “You should come and see what we’re dealing with and what our health care workers, what our brothers and sisters and grandparents are dealing with.”

The chair of the El Paso Republican Party responded to both Cruz’s post and Gabaldon on Sunday.

“The artist is missing the entire point of Ted Cruz’s post. I think Ted Cruz is referring to people giving thanks and that no one should prevent us from giving thanks,” said Rick Seeberger, El Paso GOP Chair. “I don’t think Ted Cruz in any way is promoting more people dying.”

Cruz’s post was posted Saturday around 9 p.m. and already has more than 75,000 likes on Twitter. Gabaldon says he hopes the Senator sees his drawing.

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