Duranguito safe for now; new court order temporarliy protects the neighborhood from destruction

El Paso News

The neighborhood of Duranguito, is under protection for now, as a new temporary retraining order was issued against the City of El Paso and the destruction of Duranguito.

This comes after local preservationist Max Grossman pushed for the preservation of remains that may have been left behind by the Mescalero Apaches when they lived in the area more than 300 years ago.

The new order states “The court finds there is evidence that harm is imminent and if the court does not issue the temporary restraining order the harm will be irreparable”.

Residents in the community are happy and show support for the new order.

“This younger generation needs to come and see where El Paso started and where their roots began and what the history is that’s what I’ve always fought for… I hope this time they understand rethinks the idea of building their arena somewhere else,” said remaining resident, Antonia Morales.

According to Grossman, Native American tribes and nations will convene in Duranguito at 323 Chihuahua Street for a Circle of Prayer with ceremonial blessings, dancing and music.

The order is in from the day of its entry (Oct.07) until the 14th day after for until further order of the court.

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