Downtown employee who crosses bridge for work; worried over possible border shut down

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As many wait to see if the President will shut down the border, Downtown businesses told KTSM they’re worried in the meantime.
“I was with my boss, and we were talking about how it would be if the bridge shuts down,” Adrian Luna, an employee from Rudy’s Shack said, “He said, ‘Maybe I won’t stay here. Maybe I would go to Juarez and go more deep in the country,’ because life tends to be a little more simple.”
Living in Juarez and working in El Paso, Adrian Luna is an employee at Rudy’s Shack, an electronics store less than a block away from Paso Del Norte International Bridge in Downtown El Paso. Luna worries over the possibilities of the shut down and what he would be leaving behind.
“I have my car over there. I have my stuff, my house and everything in Juarez,” Luna shared, “So if I stay here I’d have to be with my family for some days but it would be something not really comfortable. I already have all my stuff, all my life in Juarez.”
With no forewarning of what’s to come, Luna said the electronics store has back up just in case, “We think about it sometimes and it’s scary. But we have employees that live here in El Paso so they would help us open up the store and keep selling until the problem gets out.”
As for now, Luna said all he can do is take it day by day and continue working.
“I will continue living the life I’ve been living for all my life.”
The downtown employee also shared what once was a 30 minute walk to work, is now up to 1 to 2 hours to El Paso from Juarez. 

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