Domestic ducks at Young Park pond set to have new homes during renovation

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As KTSM has previously reported, renovations are already underway at Young Park pond in Las Cruces, but there are dozens of ducks there with barely enough water.
The current conditions are leaving many people who visit the pond often wondering what will happen with the ducks who live there.
“I bring my two year old daughter here all the time and she loves coming to see the ducks but we came here and there’s no water. All the ducks look helpless,” Las Cruces resident Helen Huckabay shared. “A lot of people I’ve seen on Facebook are concerned on what’s going to happen with the ducks and hey it’s kind of sad,” Teddy Torrez, another Las Cruces resident told KTSM.
There are about thirty to fourty domestic ducks including some wild ducks that are at the pond. The pond water isn’t completely drained out and there’s still just enough where some of the ducks can still swim or stay afloat. The Director of Parks and Rec in Las Cruces told KTSM animal control and codes has a re-homing plan for the domestic ducks with responsbile owners that fit the local animal ordinances.
“Hopefully it’s someone who has a big enough water irrigation area because they’re used to such a big pond. I’m glad they’re not just going to be left here and abandoned,” Huckabay said.
In the meantime, the City plans to help the ducks through an easy transition to a more healthy and clean life. 
“The city is taking care of our ducks and our pond, it’ll be better. Just hang in there and it will be a better place for our ducks,” Torrez added.
The ducks are expected to get corralled in a separate fenced area just outside of the lake early Tuesday morning, and will be arranged to go home with their set responsible owners by the end of the week.

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