Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ roaring to El Paso this Spring

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Disney’s ‘The Lion King’ roars into El Paso this spring and leading the cast is actor Mark Campbell who plays Scar.

“I remember seeing Scar and thinking, ‘Man that is a great part. I would really like to play that part,’” Campbell said Wednesday during a Skype interview.

Several years after first seeing the show, he landed the role.

“[Scar’s] a complicated creature,” Campbell said. “He’s deeply unhappy and believes he deserves everything without really working for it.”

The roughly two and a half hour production expands on the Disney classic, with more in-depth analysis of the story line and the characters.

“For something that was based on an animated movie, it really has remarkable depth and beauty.”

The Scar costume weighs 40 pounds, but Campbell said that’s not the challenge.

“It’s like all of the sudden, after your whole life, you have learn how to deal with a tail and a mask,” Campbell said with a laugh. “Those are two completely other limbs that you’ve never had before.”

‘The Lion King’ will be performed in El Paso May 30- June 10 and is a show for all ages.

“I encourage everybody to come, bring your family, you will not regret it. This is a show that everybody has to see at least once in their life.”

For more information about the show, click here.

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