DHS nominee speaks about El Paso during senate hearing

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General John Kelly said Tuesday in his hearing for the Department of Homeland Security nominee that while in El Paso, he saw people jumping over the border fence and agents did nothing.

John Kelly is a retired Marine Corps four start general and former Commander of U.S Southern Command, he was pressed by senators on his views about immigration and border security.

After describing what he saw during his visit to El Paso, General Kelly said it wasn’t good for moral. Kelly stating that instead of jumping into their cars to pursue the people who had jumped the fence, the agents responded with- “what’s the use?”.

While on a ride along for a News Channel Nine Special Report two groups of people were apprehended during separate foot pursuits.

The El Paso sectors covers about 268 miles of the border, 81 miles of it has an 18 ft. high pedestrian fence, others a vehicle barrier and some areas nothing at all.

“We have the infrastructure we feel is what we need to be successful”,says Agent Romero.

As for building a wall, General Kelly says a physical barrier will not do the job, it would still need to be backed up with agents and other forms of patrolling.

General Kelly also expressed a lot of empathy for those who seek refuge in the United States.

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