DEA Tips: Say something if you hear or see something suspicious

El Paso News

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The men and women of the Drug Enforcement Administration never take a break. To help these individuals, a community partnership is vital.

Carlos Briano, public information officer for the DEA El Paso Division, joined KTSM 9 News’ Susy Castillo to discuss the importance of saying something when you see or hear something suspicious.

Carlos Briano: Last week I came on the show and challenged your viewers to resolve to live a drug-free lifestyle in 2021. Living a life free of drugs helps create safe and healthy households and communities. But, like you said, we want to remind everyone how extremely important it is for the public to also be vigilant and cautious, and practice situational awareness in their daily living. When you see something that seems wrong or feels off, it’s important to trust your instincts and act accordingly.

Susy Castillo: That’s definitely true, Carlos. Can you give us some examples that the DEA is concerned about?

Briano: We’ve talked numerous times about the calls by scammers impersonating DEA agents to get personal information or demand money. Most of the people who we talk to regarding these calls say sensed something was wrong. Trust those instincts. Hang up and visit to report the call.

Susy Castillo: Makes sense. What else, Carlos? What are some other examples we need to know about?

Briano: If you suspect activity in your neighborhood, the also has a “submit a tip page.” The information in the tip site is reviewed promptly by a DEA special agent or a professional staff member. And you can remain anonymous. The public can also us the tip page to report illegal prescription drug sales or suspicious Internet pharmacies as well. As we know, misuse of prescription opioids is the number one cause of overdose deaths in the U.S. So taking the small action of saying something will help the men and women of the DEA keep our communities safe and healthy.

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