COVID-19 surge spikes cleaning service demand

El Paso News

With more than one-thousand new COVID-19 cases announced in the last 9 days, Disinfect El Paso told KTSM the calls are all in the need for their services.

“Since the rise of cases is on the high right now, our phone nonstop ringing on particularly house calls from people who have been infected by the virus or exposed to the virus,” said Veronica Garcia Co-Owner of Disinfect El Paso.

Garcia adds their business came to life when the outbreak started and since then the demand for their disinfectant high.

“We apply it using a fogging machine so it emits a fine fine mist so it’s the ability to cover more than what a conventional cleaner would and also it’s going to seep into knocks and cranes,” Garcia explained.

The effects of the mist last two weeks and businesses across the city are looking for similar services.

“I own several small businesses and small companies and I’ve had them go in and spray and honestly it makes you feel more secure and the staff actually feels more comfortable as well,” Jesse Gonzales a local business owner tells KTSM.

KTSM asked Disinfect El Paso, if they were worried about catching the virus themselves.

Co-Owner David Rodriguez explained, “I’m going to say no, I mean I do go in well equip I cover my shoes wear my gloves and PPE mask and goggles… we treat every case like it is the virus just to be on the safe side,”.

Disinfect El Paso said that they don’t see their new business coming to an end anytime soon, but rather see it growing in the future, adding that even after the pandemic they’re services will be well needed.

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