County of El Paso approve funds to file lawsuit against proposed medical waste facility

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County Commissioner Vince Perez said it's an alternative to overturn the TCEQ's decision of approval for a medical waste facility to be operated in the lower valley.

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The County of El Paso plans to set aside up to $20,000 to legally challenge the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ).

County Commissioner Vince Perez said it’s an alternative to overturn the TCEQ’s decision of approval for a medical waste facility to be operated in the lower valley.

“The executive director has given the initial O.K. and it now goes to the members of the commission who can overturn his decision,” Commissioner Perez said.

As KTSM previously reported, the TCEQ approved the application for MedCare Environmental Solutions Inc. to operate a medical waste facility which would be located along Billy the Kid Street near North Loop Drive.

“When we talk about just the scope of this facility, that it’s seeking to process 100,000 pounds of medical waste a day, I don’t think there’s another facility like it in the state of Texas that’s so closely located to so many residents, schools, and other community facilities such as parks and senior citizens so it’s very concerning for everyone in our community,” Perez explained.

Nord Sorensen, the President of the corporation, told KTSM MedCare plans on moving forward in a positive manner and is working closely with the TCEQ.

Commissioner Perez said he hops TCEQ can overturn the application once again.

“If the commission on environmental quality ultimately decides to do what it did last time to overturn his decision, I don’t believe that there’s a remedy for him to challenge that decision,” Perez said, “So we’re hoping that the TCEQ will ultimately not approve this application and ultimately just overturn the decision like they did back in April.”

Members of the public along with elected officials still have until July 14th to request the state agency to overturn the decision which can be done by writing a letter to TCEQ.

Commissioner Perez said it is a specific process so residents can contact his office at 915-546-2144 with any questions.

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