For years, El Paso County has been outsourcing emissions testing but now county mechanics are able to do the test themselves – saving the county time and money.

The county says it recently spent about $15,000 on a new machine to run the tests. However, it should pay for itself in a few months.

Hopeton Staple, the county’s director of fleet operations, said the county maintains about 350 vehicles including units for the sheriff’s department.

He said, “Having the vehicles maintained here and inspected here allows the vehicle to be back on the road, performing its law enforcement duties to the community.”

According to Staple, each inspection used to cost up to $40 and would require an employee to take time off of work.

Staple said in-house inspections take less time which means deputies can get back to patrolling faster.

One mechanic told KTSM, each inspection takes about 15 minutes.

“Again, this is just a win-win for taxpayers. We do everything we can because we realize resources are tight so we find ways to be efficient and perform services to the community in the most cost effective way,” Staple added.