EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) The runoff race for County Commissioner Precinct two is next Tuesday.

The candidates include incumbent David Stout and former city employee Judy Gutierrez. The two were close in the primaries with Stout receiving about 43 percent of the votes and Gutierrez close to 40.

The two candidates making accusations against one another as election day nears. Gutierrez talking about Stout’s property appraisal.

“What I just recently uncovered again through open records is the fact that you have a sitting elected official who sits on the CAD board when every other property in El Paso is seeing an increase at whatever level, and then you have a sitting board member who has a $40,000 reduction,” Gutierrez declared.

Stout says the accusations are misleading.

“I serve on the Central appraisal district board and she is trying to mislead voters into thinking that because I sit on the board somehow I illegibly influenced the central appraisal district to reduce the value of my property,” Stout.

Stout also wrote in his campaign pamphlet about Gutierrez not reporting campaign finances on time. Gutierrez says that has already been cleared.

“It was basically like a no contest, I wasn’t guilty or innocent it was like we’re aware of it were closing the case there were no financial penalties assessed it was just don’t do it again, we’re aware, it’s in your file, don’t do it again, so I was cleared,” said Gutierrez.

In addition Gutierrez also says that Stout raised property taxes by 10 percent, but Stout says that’s simply not true.

“It’s untrue for her to say that since I’ve been in office that I’ve increased the tax rate to 10 percent. The only time, the only year that we even voted to increase the tax rate I believe was in 2019. And by law at that point in time we could not increase taxes by more than 8 percent. So saying that it’s 10 percent is just a flat out lie,” Stout said.

Stout has held the seat since 2015 saying that Gutierrez has no experience balancing publicly funded budgets.

“Budgets are very complex as Mr. Stout likes to talk about that I don’t have the experience you know he has 8 years of on the job training, 8 years ago when he ran for office he had no experience and it’s very disingenuous to say that I don’t know anything about budgets. 24 years working at the City, that’s what we did,” Gutierrez added.

With the two candidates going back and forth with accusations they also touched on what they hope to focus on if elected.

Stout saying his focuses include keeping property taxes low, working toward better healthcare out comes and supporting law enforcement with more and better training.

While Gutierrez says she’s focused on helping homeowners lower their property appraisals in addition to improvements on roadways and working to lower taxes.

There are no republicans running for County Commissioner Precinct two so whoever wins the runoff will be the next Commissioner for Precinct two.

Election Day is Tuesday May 24th and polls will be open from 7 a.m. until 7 p.m.

Judy Gutierrez Left, David Stout Right

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