CNN: Tornillo tent city for migrant children to close soon after the last is released

El Paso News

A temporary tent-like facility in Tornillo, set up to house mostly kids who showed up at the border unaccompanied, will close down after the last child is released.

That’s according to a source with knowledge of operations there.

The source said the facility in Tornillo is no longer accepting children and will close after the last child is released to either a sponsor or another facility run by the office of refugee resettlement. 

The source says the facility, operated by BCFS, has not extended its contract with the federal government and while its contract expires on Dec. 31, it does not have an exact closing date.

The source says BCFS is working as fast as it can to release children from the facility, which is next to the Tornillo-Guadalupe Port of Entry.

The source says the facility currently has 2,400 children.

It opened in the summer with a capacity of about 300 people and the government extended its contract with the operator three times.

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