CMI students’ documentaries showcased on KRWG

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Student filmmakers at New Mexico State University's Creative Media Institute got the opportunity to showcase their COVID-19 related documentaries on KRWG this weekend.

LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) — Student filmmakers at New Mexico State University’s Creative Media Institute got the opportunity to showcase their COVID-19 related documentaries on KRWG this weekend.

This, after the pandemic put a halt to projects they were initially working on, however they found resilience during tough times.

“They found a way to maintain visual story telling at a time when everybody said it couldn’t be done,” Amy Lanasa, Department Head of the Creative Media Institute at NMSU said.

A group of CMI students started from scratch by creating documentaries at home after pressing pause on projects that were originally assigned before the pandemic hit.

“We just decided we’d document our attempts and make light of our failure,” Araceli Hernandez, student at CMI said.

“I just wanted to take that time and not make an excuse for myself to work on my cosplay,” Dominic Vincent said.

All created unique stories that shared resiliency during the COVID-19 outbreak. Students also owed thanks to those who were a part of their films.

“Us being together really made a difference during those really stressful times,” Perla Valerio shared.

While getting the change to send a message to a wider audience.

“Hopefully they can look within their own lives and find things that maybe they can be grateful about and with me it was just with my family,” Gabriel Balderas said.

CMI faculty ensured these documentaries do not go unnoticed, nor the work ethic of these students.

“Each of these folks, through their work and through their lives, are great examples of what successful change could be,” Lanasa said.

“I decided to let go of my vulnerability and just open myself up to the world because I feel like by showing people that I’m open enough to show you my world, that maybe they’ll feel better about theirs,” Joshua Trinidad added.

“It was a little bit of therapy I suppose to do this project so I’m glad how it turned out and I’m glad that I’m with all these talented filmmakers with me and that we’re all in the class. We all did a good job,” Gabriel Balderas shared.

“Everything will be okay in the end. And if it’s not okay yet, then it’s not the end,” Michael Stewart said.

The student’s documentaries will be available online starting next Friday. You can watch them here.

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