EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Some parents in the Clint Independent School District said the lunch their children received on Tuesday was not edible.

Normally students in CISD would get their food while at school, but now students get their lunch delivered to their homes during virtual learning. However, some parents were shocked by the meal that was delivered on Tuesday.

“I looked at it and was like what the heck is that,” said Tracy Vasquez, who has two students in Clint ISD.

Vasquez shared a picture with KTSM of the food that was dropped off at her house. According to CISD, it’s chilaquiles, refried beans and tomato slices.

“Dried up nachos. I think it was cheese and there was one little piece of tomato, and I was like who was going to eat that?” said Vasquez.

She said she thought the beans were a brownie because it was stale. Vasquez then took to Facebook after seeing her kids’ lunches, adding that she works and depends on the lunches from the district and trusts that they are nutritious.

“There’s been some that haven’t been edible at all, but this on it just looked really, really bad,” Vasquez said.

Alejandrina Salinas, another parent who also has two children in Clint ISD, also said that Tuesday’s lunch was a bit odd.

“I got home and I usually check my kids their food just to make sure they eat something,” Salinas said. “And when I opened the box, I was like, ‘hmm this is a little weird; it looks different.’”

Salinas said she works full time, but says even though the food from the district is sometimes a bit weird, she’s thankful that the District brings it to her home.

“All of a sudden they showed up to my house and said we’re going to start coming to your home and bringing you food, so that way your kids can have something to eat and I really appreciate it,” Salinas said.

CISD said that due to COVID-19, their menu has been modified.

Tuesday’s menu included cheese chilaquiles, tomato wedges, refried beans, a fresh red apple and milk. Several of the items were packaged separately in order to separate the hot and cold items.

The additional offered food items were not included in the photos.

Clint ISD, who partners with Southwest Foods, said it takes great pride in serving their students. District officials said they are committed to providing quality meals to every student and have extended an apology and an assurance that this will not happen again in the future.

The District is currently making 621 stops, delivering meals to students, using 36 buses to do so.