City Revises Arena Footprint, Acquires Five New Properties

El Paso News

The City of El Paso continues to acquire property within the Multipurpose Performing Arts and Entertainment Center (MPC) footprint.

In a press release, City officials say they are working with property owners of five vacant lots in the “arena footprint” to modify the terms of pending real estate agreements.

The change would allow the City to acquire the properties without site readiness clauses that have prevented the City from moving forward with the project.

The site readiness clause exists in several pending land acquisition agreements including properties along Chihuahua Street. The arena project has been put on hold due to pending litigation between the City of El Paso and historic preservationist Max Grossman.

In September, property owners  Dr. Roberto Assael and Alejo Restrepo, began demolition in order to hand their properties over to the City to make way for the arena. This is in spite of a restraining order by the 8th Court of Appeals. 

“We are committed to this project. By modifying this land acquisition agreement we are positioning the City to proceed with the purchase of these parcels,” Sam Rodriguez, Capital Improvements Department Director, said.

The properties are located at: 215 Paisano, 308 Chihuahua, 312 Chihuahua, 216 Overland, 220 Overland. All of which are vacant.

“We want to be ready to proceed with the design and construction of the project upon the conclusion of the pending proceedings,” Mayor Dee Margo said.

The MPC is the largest of the three signature bond projects overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2012. The City of El Paso maintains the ordinance calling for the election stated the multipurpose center would be located in downtown.

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