EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) –  As National Weather Service and KTSM 9 Weather forecasts winter weather that could bring the coldest temperatures of the season this week, city officials announced the opening of warming centers throughout the city.

The Office of Emergency Management, in collaboration with the City’s Parks and Recreation Department and the Extreme Weather Task Force, will open the following warming centers for the community. 

The warming centers will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. February 2 through February 5:

  • Galatzan Recreation Center | 650 Wallenberg Dr.
  • Marty Robbins Rec Center | 11600 Vista Del Sol Dr.
  • Memorial Senior Center | 1800 Byron St.
  • Chamizal Community Center | 2119 Cypress Ave.
  • Wellington Chew Senior Center | 4430 Maxwell Ave.
  • Pavo Real Senior Center | 9301 Alameda Ave.
  • San Juan Senior Center | 5701 Tamburo Ct.

Those seeking access to warming centers and/or experiencing insufficient heat are encouraged to visit a warming center and/or contact 3-1-1 for more information. 

The Office of Emergency Management and the Department of Public Health reminds the community to take preventative actions to stay safe as they prepare to open seven (7) warming centers.

Residents are advised to remember the four Ps:  People, Pets, Pipes and Plants:

  • People should avoid unnecessary trips outside. If you must go out, limit the time you stay outside.   
    • Wear several layers of loose, warm clothing.   
    • Keep your head, hands and feet covered when outdoors.   
    • Stay dry, moisture can damage the insulating effectiveness of clothing.   
    • Pay extra attention to your daily needs: get enough sleep, eat high-energy foods, drink warm beverages to help your body stay warm, and avoid alcoholic beverages.
  • Pets should be brought indoors or provided a warm place to shelter from the cold.
  • Pipes that run outside or under a house should be wrapped in pipe insulation to avoid damage that could occur due to water freezing in the pipes. Open kitchen and bathroom cabinets under your sinks to allow heat to enter the cabinets to prevent freezing.
  • Plants may need to be covered or brought inside to avoid frost damage.
  • Additionally, roads may become icy and slippery. If you must drive, remember to slow down and keep your full attention on the road. Maintain enough distance from vehicles in front of you.

For more information about extreme cold safety, please visit ElPasoReady.org.​

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