City of El Paso approves special election to be held

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El Paso voters will have a voice in whether they’d like to see development in Northwest El Paso. City council approved a special election set for May.
“Council thought that it was better to allow the voters of El Paso to decide whether or not that land needs to be preserved in perpetuity,” City Attorney Karla Nieman said.
As per charter requirements, the City of El Paso supported the call for a special election to be held on May 4th for voters to decide if they want to see development in parts of Northwest El Paso, like Lost Dog trail. Based off of the outcome of signatures from two petitions created in order to save the area, Land preservationist Rick Bonart suggested during the meeting forgoing the special election to save taxpayer money and for council to vote on keeping the land undeveloped.
“I think the smart move would’ve been to save the taxpayers 400,000 dollars,” Bonart said. “For Dr. Bonart to say that council should ignore the will of several thousand people who signed the petition, is just not right. He’s one voter,” Nieman responded.
Nieman reminded Bonart, that under the elections code, the City is required to call the special election. Meantime, local preservationists are still working to fight and save the Lost Dog trail area.
“I think the people of El Paso want to save our mountain, they want to save our tax money, and they want to preserve that recreational area. We’re real short on parks in El Paso and this would be a great addition,” Bonart added.
There’s a professional campaign named “Progress 915” that encourages voters to turn out and vote.

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