City council votes to reimburse legal fees for City Manager Tommy Gonzalez

El Paso News

The El Paso City Council voted Thursday evening to reimburse City Manager Tommy Gonzalez for legal fees.

Gonzalez asked the city to cover $58,537 in legal expenses stemming from ethics complaints he faced in the summer of 2016.

Gonzalez was reprimanded for some of the accusations, but, after a months-long investigation, it was ruled that he didn’t break any laws.

“I’m not going to allow a false narrative about myself. I’ve got two young men that my wife and I are raising and I want to show them a good example. I have my fathers name to live up to and it’s important to me,” Gonzalez said, “I think the council saw the facts. And the facts were that all policies were followed.” 

El Paso Mayor Dee Margo stood behind Gonzalez following the council’s vote.

“Council is very pleased with the way things are going, at least to me. I think the majority of council thinks this is a fairness issue,” Mayor Margo shared.

Council voted five to one to approve the reimbursement. Cassandra Hernandez was the only representative to vote no. As she explained her reasoning, Gonzalez sat back and shook his head “no.” 

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