City Council looks to improve taxi driver conduct, passenger safety

El Paso News

On Monday, El Paso City Council looked at a proposal to amend the local Transportation for Hire Ordinance.

This all comes following complaints from the El Paso International Airport, claiming taxi services form around the city just are not uniform when it comes to their vehicles and drivers.

Cab company owners like Joe Olivar are not happy about the proposal. He says the airport is only thinking of itself.

“They do not know whats best, the industry has been doing this much longer than they have,  they look at form a very meiotic view point. they look at the airport, which if that is the case, there is a ordinance pertaining to the airport,” Joe Ovilar said.

Monica Lombrana with the El Paso Airport says being uniform is all apart of running a business. 

“You know we believe that it isn’t unreasonable for a taxi cab company to have cars that are all painted the same color that are all marked the same way, that are all fixed. I mean thats just a cost of doing business,” Lombrana said. 

The proposed ordinance looks to improve driver conduct and customer safety by requiring taxi companies to have a uniformed look within their vehicles and drivers to avoid any confusion for customers. 

The council plans to revisit the subject on December 11th. 

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