Can you go to the movies in costume this Halloween?

El Paso News
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Local movie theaters want to keep the excitement in the seats and the scares on the screen this Halloween season. 

With “Halloween” opening Thursday night, KTSM asked local movie theaters what is their policy on costumes. 

AMC Theaters

AMC Theaters is allowing guests to wear costumes, but it is drawing a line when it comes to masks and weapons, even if they are fake.

“In the spirit of ‘Halloween’ and costumes, we at AMC love it when our guests dress up for the occasion, but a reminder that weapons, real or fake, and masks are not permitted at AMC,” said Kimberly Sanden. “So come to ‘Halloween’ at AMC prepared for a scary great time, and leave the mask at home!”

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse said costumes are welcome as long as they do not distract other moviegoers. And guests with masks must be willing to remove them and identify themselves. 

As far as fake weapons go, if they are distracting or pose a threat to others, the moviegoer will be asked to put it back in the car. 

KTSM has reached out to Cinemark and Premiere Theaters, asking what their policies are. Once they respond, we will update this story. 

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