‘Camino Real Hotel’ sign to be removed Wednesday

El Paso News

An iconic piece of the Sun City’s skyline is going coming Wednesday afternoon.

The ‘Camino Real Hotel’ sign is being removed at noon as part of the hotel’s $70 million renovation. In October, the Meyers Group finalized the deal with the Mexican company that previously owned it for $13 million.

Josh Meyers, director of real estate development for the Meyers Group, tells NewsChannel 9 there won’t be a new sign going up until sometime next year.

Meyers says part of the negotiations with the former owners was rebranding the hotel and getting rid of ‘Camino Real’ from the title because it belongs to a chain.

The iconic building, built back in 1912, will be renamed to ‘Hotel Paso del Norte,’ which is the original name.

“By us taking down the sign, it’s the first statement to the city that we are committed to our word that we put out to the public of a full renovation of this historic hotel,” adds Meyers.

Meyers anticipates the restoration process to approximately last two years, and the hotel will remain open during construction.

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