EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A business development service in El Paso is helping local entrepreneurs realize their dreams of owning their own business.

The El Paso Small Business Development Center provides consultation for up and coming entrepreneurs. The center said it also helps existing businesses expand.

This applies to El Pasoans looking to start-up, expand, or franchise businesses.

“I always encourage the individuals that I work with to basically look at their projects from every possible angle as far as the marketing standpoint, the HR perspective,’ said Armando Limon, a Senior Business Advisor with SBDC, “All those various components that maybe an individual is not too aware of. That way we can go ahead and pinpoint out to them.”

Business advisors at SBDC said they help clients in a pro-active way, meaning they encourage them to look at different angles such as the marketing standpoint, or the HR perspective.

“We look into the project itself to see if it’s feasible or not and basically we will help an individual. If your idea is on paper, we’ll go ahead and take that project, let you know from the get-go if this is a feasible project. Is this the right time to go into the market with this particular project. If it is we basically will hold your hand every step of the way,” Limon shared.

Owners of Tropical Smoothie Café here in El Paso, Kaleb and Patricia Warnock, are among several business owners in the Borderland who have succeeded with the help of SBDC.

“There’s a lot of stuff I didn’t even know what to do and they were able to show it which is where a lot of people will fail because they don’t have the information. Whereas the SBDC really helps you get organized,” Kaleb Warnock said, “You’ve got to create a business plan, find a right location, find funding, find the right amount of funding, you’ve got to learn how to market. There’s a lot that goes into it which they show you.”

SBDC said it offers free consultation and services for up and coming business owners.

You can find out more information about starting a business by clicking here.