EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — University Medical Center of El Paso started a Breast Cancer Awareness Month campaign offering $50 mammograms for everyone.

Women will be able to set up an appointment throughout the month of October by calling (915) 200-2662.

UMC is making an effort to get as many women as possible to get their mammogram done and are offering the 3-D screening for $50 for everyone, including uninsured patients.

Myriam Rodriguez, a registered nurse at UMC, is a cancer survivor and said it is crucial for women to do monthly self-examinations and yearly mammograms.

“This is a life-saving test,” Rodriguez told KTSM 9 News, explaining how she found a lump on her breast during one of her regular self-examinations.

She was diagnosed in 2007 and went through chemotherapy and radiation for nine months.

She said several generations of women in her family had breast cancer, so she knew she was at high risk of getting it too.

Her first mammogram was at the age of 25 and she was diagnosed when she was 32.

She said women should start regular yearly mammograms when they turn 40, and even sooner if they have breast cancer in their family.

When she finally beat cancer, she said she felt stronger than ever and now urges women to take care of their health first before they take care of others.