Borderland women use unique business to launch non-partisan campaign

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It all started with mini aprons that are locally made to help to keep your clothes clean. Now, it’s turned into a non-partisan effort to remind lawmakers in Washington to keep things clean and civil.
From protecting your style – to making a statement. Benita Neumann and Elizabeth Goodman Levy, also known as the “Border Gals”, took their business “Food Firewall” to another level. 
“Politicians can keep their clothes clean, as well as their reputations,” Neumann shared, “We could use the food firewall as a vehicle to remind them to be civil. So we came up with the slogan, ‘keep it clean for 2020’ and decided it would be appropriate to send this to all members of Congress and to the voters as well but particulary people in politics.”
Food Firewalls are lightweight mini aprons that were designed to keep the “spill zone” on your clothes from getting dirty when you’re eating, washing dishes, or etc.
Now, the “Keep It Clean for 2020” campaign aims to end negativity often seen in politics, “We’re missing the issues because of all the negative noise, and so we’re hoping that people like us, I’ve gotten a lot of response from my contemporaries that this is a great idea. They too are tired of all the negative rhetoric.”
The goal is to send all members of Congress these Food Firewall’s to spread the message which is trying to be done by funding through Kickstarter.
“We’d like to make it a national discusssion. We’ve got bumper stickers and buttons,” Neumann said, “We want our politicians to know that we want them to keep it clean for 2020, we’re holding them accountable. But we also need to let our fellow voters and constituents know that they can tone it down too, and be respectful.”
By starting this initiative, the Border Gals plan to continue this momentum for future generations to come. 
“We really feel compelled to undertake this but also keep it moving beyond this initial campaign. We just think society will benefit tremendously and it would help the zen of our country,” Goodman Levy shared.
If you’re interested in funding the campaign, you can check out the Kickstarter here.
To learn more about Food Firewall’s and the Border Gals, you can check out their website here.

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