Students at Sageland Elementary in East El Paso are prepared for the road ahead.

“We have all of this small businesses that we turned into our own that are in the real world,
so we can be prepared for anything that comes to us,” student Michaela Bueno tells KTSM.

The MicroSociety curriculum has been an established feauture at Sageland since 1992. It’s the only school in YISD that teaches students how to handle money, create businesses, and maintain budgets.

“We’re stressing the ‘giving back to the community’, and the kindness piece which was
evident in the projects that the kids did this time,” Principal Carmen Crawford explained.

GECU bank is behind the whole idea, and gives students make-believe checkbooks, debit cards and cash.

“Teaching them the real life is exactly what micro is about,” Crawford shared.

Not only does the curriculum prepare students for their future, but it also teaches them the importance of teamwork.

“We disagreed on some stuff but we all learned how to agree. We also learned how to
be a leader,” Carrillo said.

The program is expected to continue preparing future students from kinder to 5th grade.